Training & Development

Employee empowerment contributes significantly to Toromont’s success. Our culture fosters employee authority with accountability in full alignment with our values, business model, core strategies and management principles.

We operate with comprehensive human resources strategies and practices to: i) enable and empower our employees, ii) ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of our workforce, and iii) keep pace with technology advancements in products and methods of delivering our services.

The Human Resources and Health and Safety Committee of the Board oversees short- and long-term incentive plans and is responsible for executive officer appointments and overseeing succession planning and leadership development.

In turn, our corporate executives provide guidance and support to our business units to ensure that leadership enablement and succession programs are in place, functioning well and focused on business needs. Our business units are responsible for providing dedicated training and mentoring to continuously improve employee knowledge, skills, productivity and effectiveness. Every year, employees are expected to set personal goals – including for skills development aligned to business-plan objectives – and receive formal performance reviews. This ensures the knowledge gained is relevant to the organization and to their personal advancement with the company and that results achieved match Toromont’s business objectives.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to advance and apply organizational design and leadership enablement strategies to support the productivity and performance of our team members as they strive to achieve their performance objectives and development goals and acquire skills needed to support changing technology. In addition, new succession planning programs and tools will be piloted to address the need for the continuous development of our leaders. Our strategies will be supported by the implementation of the UKG-Pro HR Information System that will, among other advantages, bring integrated and elevated human resource management capabilities to our HR team and front-line leadership.

2021 Key Outcomes and Actions

  • delivered 100,000+ hours of learning and development to Toromont employees
    • health & safety comprised over 50% of total training hours
    • technical training comprised almost 40% of training hours and included 10,000 courses completed through the Toromont Academy of learning and through external partnerships
    • leadership and professional development comprised 10% of total training hours
  • maintained our practice of establishing clear expectations for foundational objectives through annual employee goal setting aligned to Toromont’s performance-driven culture and 22+U business strategy
  • provided regular e-progress reports to individuals, teams and divisions with year-end organizational and individual performance tied to annual merit and incentive programs
  • evolved our remote work learning platform that was launched at the onset of the pandemic to focus on safety, compliance and ergonomics of remote work areas
  • developed and delivered vaccine awareness training for all employees

2021 Allocation of Training Hours

Safety – 51%

Training – 39%

Professional / Leadership – 10%