What makes Toromont different?

Leading Brands

We sell, rent and support equipment provided by world leaders including Caterpillar as an authorized dealer in attractive geographic territories – our brand relationships and extensive service network provide competitive barriers to entry.

Attractive Markets

We address the needs of a wide variety of end markets including, road building, construction, mining, power generation, infrastructure and refrigeration and maintain relationships with thousands of great customers.

Diversified Businesses

Through seven Toromont businesses – each with the same business model of delivering specialized equipment and lifecycle product support – we generate diversified revenue with exposure to both capital and operating spending cycles.


Our information technology infrastructure powers a variety of digital capabilities including analytics and insights (“AI”), applications to remotely monitor equipment and various management, sales and marketing tools including ecommerce sites all of which strengthen our customer-service capabilities and add to our revenue growth opportunities and business efficiency/productivity.

Proven Growth Strategies

Our principal strategies are long-term in nature and have proven their worth over decades: expand market offerings, strengthen product support, broaden product offerings, invest in our resources and maintain a strong financial position.

Consistent Business Model

Our sole business is providing customers with specialized capital equipment and lifetime product support as a means of serving their needs and generating steady financial performance for shareholders.

Decentralized Management

Toromont’s decentralized management approach of authority with accountability for capital allocation decisions has fostered strong business unit leadership and responsive decision-making where it counts… at the customer level.

Employee-Shareholder Culture

Our business leaders and our employees – through the Toromont Employee Share Purchase Plan – are invested in the outcome of their decisions and aligned in shareholder value creation.

Strong Financial Position

Our belief in conservative leverage provides Toromont with the financial flexibility to pursue growth opportunities.

Skilled Leadership and ESG Framework

Our skilled Board of Directors provides disciplined stewardship of every key aspect of our company using an Environmental, Social and Governance framework and oversees Toromont’s experienced leaders: over 45% of our senior executive team has served our company for over 20 years.