Toromont’s first core value is to create a safe and respectful workplace. To protect employees, those we work with and the communities in which we operate, we invest to create a strong safety-starts-with-me culture and an extensive safety program designed to proactively mitigate risk.

Our commitment begins at the Board level where detailed strategies and objectives are overseen and regularly reviewed for effectiveness by our Human Resources and Health and Safety Committee. The variable compensation of our senior leaders is specifically tied to safety outcomes measured by Total Recordable Injury Rate (“TRIR”).

Dedicated business-unit personnel, supported by external subject-matter experts, ensure safety policies and programs are properly designed and functioning, deliver educational programs for employees, monitor for compliance and, with the full support of our Board and senior leaders, drive continuous improvements so that safety is top of mind at work and a way of life outside work.

While tone from the top is important, safety is everyone’s business. Consequently, all employees are accountable for compliance with the safe operating practices including those set out in Toromont’s Five Cardinal Safety Rules. Due to the severity and ongoing threat posed by COVID-19, our safety program includes protocols to keep our team safe and healthy, meet customer needs and protect our future.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to prioritize and entrench our safety-first culture by: educating and engaging our workforce using multiple communications strategies; targeting specific areas for improvement through management-employee collaborations; auditing for compliance and recognition; leveraging technology for improved outcomes and actioning on real-time safety information; holding each other accountable to our Five Cardinal Safety Rules; and tying the variable compensation of senior leaders to safety objectives.

2021 Key Outcomes and Actions

  • reduced TRIR company-wide by 36% over the past 5 years, reduced lost-time injuries by 50% over the same period
  • saw 80% of Toromont locations achieve a TRIR of zero
  • kept 100% of our facilities operating during the year through various waves of COVID-19
  • maintained extensive education, engagement and reinforcement efforts including by:
    • providing 50,000+ hours of safety training virtually, leveraging technology across the enterprise to overcome the challenges and constraints of COVID-19
    • improving the effectiveness of our Job Safety Hazard Assessments (JSHAs) completed by technicians by enhancing our JSHA online tool to enable technicians to immediately notify managers when critical elements of a task (including knowledge, tools, procedures, PPE) are not present; and conducting JSHA audits to spur preventative actions and deep-dive explorations of risks and hazards
  • reinforced our Safety Starts with Me mindset across Toromont to encourage all employees to recognize the critical role they play in achieving a zero-injury workplace. For example, we:
    • provided daily Safety Talks to every Toromont employee as part of constant communication to engage and inform
    • issued serious incident bulletins to elevate lessons learned and better prevent incident recurrence
  • maintained strict measures to protect our workforce, customers and communities from COVID-19 by:
    • coordinating company-wide pandemic health and safety measures under the auspices of our CEO-led Critical Incident Executive Response team
    • conducting COVID-driven virtual facility inspections
  • celebrated safe operating practices to reinforce model behaviours by:
    • recognizing Battlefield Equipment Rental drivers with quarterly and annual awards for safe driving and clean inspections
    • awarding Toromont Cat branches that surpassed safety indicators with Safety Bucket prizes given to Windsor Branch (Central Region), Moncton Branch (Atlantic Region), Candiac Branch (Québec Region) and Musselwhite (Mining Branch)
  • introduced the ISNetworld Subcontractor Safety Management System at CIMCO to enhance supplier compliance with safe practices
  • expanded our efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of employees and their families by launching the Lifeworks wellbeing online educational and fitness resources portal