Board of Directors
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ROBERT M. OGILVIE - Chairman of the Board (Director since 1986)
Robert Ogilvie

Mr. Ogilvie is Chairman of the Board. Mr. Ogilvie joined Toromont in 1985 and has been Chairman since 1987. He was also the Company's CEO from 1987 to 2012, excluding the period from 2002 to 2006.

SCOTT J MEDHURST - President and Chief Executive Officer (Director since 2012)
Scott Medhurst

Mr. Medhurst is President and CEO of Toromont Industries Ltd.

Mr. Medhurst joined Toromont in 1988. He was appointed President of Toromont Cat in 2004 and became President and CEO of Toromont Industries Ltd. in 2012. Mr. Medhurst is a graduate of Toromont's management training program. He is currently an active member of the World Presidents' Organization

WAYNE S. HILL*† - Corporate Director, Chairman of Audit Committee (Director since 1988)
Wayne Hill

Mr. Hill is a former Executive Vice President of the Company. Mr. Hill joined Toromont in 1985 as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer and became Executive Vice President in 2002. He retired from the Company in May 2008. He is also a Director of Enerflex Ltd.

ROBERT M. FRANKLIN*† - Corporate Director, Chairman of Human Resources and Compensation Committee (Director since 1994)
Robert Franklin

Corporate Director, Chairman, Human Resources and Compensation Committee Mr. Franklin is President of Signalta Capital Corporation, a private investment company. Mr. Franklin has served on a number of public company boards of directors.

JEFFREY S. CHISHOLM*‡ - Corporate Director, Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee (Director since 2011)
Jeffrey Chisholm

Mr. Chisholm is a business and finance consultant to the financial services industry. He is also a Director of Amex Bank of Canada.

CATHRYN E. CRANSTON*‡- Corporate Director (Director since 2013)
Cathryn Cranston

Ms. Cranston is Senior Vice President and Treasurer, BMO Financial Group. Ms. Cranston has served on non-profit and internal boards of directors.

KATHERINE A. RETHY*†‡ - Corporate Director (Director since 2013)
Katherine Rethy

Ms. Rethy is President of KAR Development Corporation, a leadership development and consulting company. Ms. Rethy is also a Director of SBM Offshore N.V. (Netherlands) and Equitable Bank.

JAMES W. GILL*† - Corporate Director (Director since 2015)
James W. Gill

Mr. Gill is a geologist by training, and has been involved in the mining business for over 43 years. Mr. Gill was previously Chairman of Denison Mines Corporation, and was the President & CEO and Founder of Aur Resources Inc. He currently serves on a number of public company boards of directors.

RICHARD G. ROY ‡ - Corporate Director (Director since 2018)
Richard G. Roy

Mr. Roy, FCPA, FCA, is a seasoned executive with extensive business and finance experience. He sits on various boards of directors and committees. Mr. Roy was previously an executive with Uni-Select Inc., holding various positions within the company including President and CEO.

* Member of Audit Committee
† Member of Human Resources and Compensation Committee
‡ Member of Corporate Governance Committee