Recruitment & Retention

Toromont’s long-term success rests on attracting and retaining skilled and diverse workers whose talents are in high demand. Only with skilled and engaged people can we deliver our business model of providing customers with specialized equipment and responsive product support. We employ a variety of recruitment and retention strategies to achieve specific workforce targets based on detailed resource planning conducted at the business-unit level.

Central to our workforce recruitment strategy is the work we do to build our profile and reputation as a best-in-class employer. Retention is achieved by living our corporate values and creating challenging and rewarding opportunities for career growth. We know employees have choices and we know they want to work with an organization that shares their values.

Looking Ahead

Toromont will continue our efforts to recruit and retain our talented workforce. With strong business demand for work-ready technicians, we will focus on recruiting internationally and locally and reinforce Toromont’s employer-of-choice brand in purposeful marketing and social media campaigns. The implementation of our new HR information system will enable us to more effectively understand workforce trends and engagement, and meet resource needs, while the addition of recruiting and onboarding modules will help us to reduce time and cost to hire.

2021 Key Outcomes and Actions

  • finished the year with 6,400 employees, an increase of 7% from 2020
  • increased our technician apprenticeship positions by 31% from 2020
  • maintained average tenure of the workforce of greater than 10 years
  • continued our strategic outreach to encourage students to consider careers at Toromont by:
    • connecting with 40+ vocational schools, colleges and post-secondary institutions
    • initiating relationships with over 230 high schools to provide co-op opportunities and foster interest in skilled trades-careers
    • awarding eight THINK BIG scholarships to deserving students, 50% of whom were visible minorities
  • expanded our search for talent by:
    • participating in 35+ virtual hiring events across Canada, and across all roles to recruit in challenging locations
    • successfully recruiting technicians from South America to join our Northern Ontario and Québec branches
  • maintained the Toromont Management Development Program to prepare university graduates to take on leadership roles by recruiting eight new candidates, of which 30% were female
  • pursued our recruitment efforts within our Indigenous engagement strategy in part by:
    • participating in career fairs to support Indigenous communities including Taykwa Tagamou Nation, Wahgoshig First Nation, Moose Factory, Moosonee, Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet
    • collaborating with Keepers of the Circle, operated by the Temiskaming Native Women’s Support Group in Northeastern Ontario to further improve our hiring and retention strategies and identify job candidates
  • sought to further align the long-term interests of employees and the business by incenting employee share ownership through the long-standing Toromont Employee Share Purchase Plan